Product Features and Benefits

Deep  Soak Cleaning System

The DSC system was designed using experience we gained in designing soak tanks for other companies.  When we decided to produce our own system, we were able to draw upon all of that experience to produce the most efficient system possible.

DSC Soak Tank

The design goal for the DSC Tank was to produce a very rugged tank that will withstand the conditions found in a commercial food service environment.  In addition the tank had to fit into the food service environment without using any free floor space,  but be large enough to allow the cleaning  of 18” x 26” baking pans.  It also needed to be easy to clean, refill, and move around.

Deep Soak Cleaner Concentrate

The DSC Cleaner Concentrate is formulated to be effective against the most difficult grease and carbonized food soils found in a commercial environment.  It is a unique blend of surfactants that works at room temperature,  for 30 days, and will not harm or pit aluminum or stainless steel.  It is non-corrosive, bio-degradeable,  and can be put into a floor drain when the tank is cleaned.   One (1) Single shot box of DSC Cleaner Concentrate. Added to 32 gallons of water in the tank to produce the working solution. dsc powder 7 lbs bag


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