Customer Reviews

This soak tank system is saving me 30 minutes of clean up time every night – well worth it

Mooresville, NC

I was paying $100 a month for a local contractor to clean my grill vent filters. Now I’m getting the same results doing it myself. I just let them soak and spray them off


I have pots that have been black with baked-on soil for years. I left one in the soak tank over the weekend and ran it through the dish machine after taking it out, then scrubbed it lightly. It looks like new!


We use a soy-based cooking oil that leaves a coating on our woks and filters. The only way my dishwasher could get it off was to scrub it down to the metal with scouring pads. Now we just let it soak in DSC tank overnight then run it through our warewasher and it comes out clean.


Your product has exceeded our expectations. We will be ordering more in the future.

O'Charley's 273